Airic Knight

An unique type of individual bless with many talents which are used to worship the creator who's given them to him which is God. Loves to encourage, inspire and empower others to move forward with their dreams reminding them there is no limit to what we can do!

Apocalyptic Lovers

Originally based out of Youngstown, OH, the Apocalyptic Lovers (formerly Love And War) are George Allan – Bass, Dave Hope – Drums, Robert Kane – vocals, Sean Magee – Guitars, Mike Nagy – Bass. Today the five members populate great cities in AZ, OH, PA, RI, and VA, but this has not deterred them from writing, recording, marketing, and planning world domination one fan at a time.

The band plans to release a 10-EP collection of updated vintage material with a sprinkling of brand new songs. The first of the collection, Redemption Vol I, was recorded at Mindrocket Studio in Pennsylvania and then mixed over 12 days in Nashville by legendary producer, Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper, Extreme, etc.) at his Wireworld Studio. Reminiscent of the days when arena rock and music videos ruled the airwaves, the album was released on National Record Store Day, April 16, 2016. The band has material ready for Volume II and plan on hitting the studio shortly after the completion of any committed tour dates. Judging by the amount of material they have ready to go, fans will not have to wait a Def Leppard’s length in time for new material from the Apocalyptic Lovers.

Black Water Rising

BLACK WATER RISING is a collection of soul baring, angst ridden, riff heavy material that is proudly anchored in the foundations of traditional hard rock song writing. Giant guitar driven monster riffs served up on a bed of crushing grooves with soaring melodic vocals and big hooks. Basically, NO FRILLS RIFF ROCK! 

Bonnie Mercado

Bonnie Leigh Mercado, born April 09, is an American reality star and actress. She was born and raised in the heart of the Big Apple, New York. As a young woman Bonnie Mercado's Hollywood dreams were sparked at the age of 16 years old. She then started to attend Modeling and Acting Classes, while maintaining the Dean's list at Nassau County Community College where she graduated Top of her class in Science. During this time Bonnie also maintained the life of a mother and a full time job. Bonnie performed her solo debut single Hy Maintenan$e (2011) for the Pride Festival before throwing continuous amounts of money to the crowd. Today, Bonnie Mercado's focus is on launching a world wide FM Radio campaign, morning show Monday-Friday 7am-11am. Wake The Hell Up!


A twenty-two-year old native from Pittsburgh who was motivated to bring
about change in the world began with growing up in the projects of Saint Clair Village,
known as the ghetto. Saint Clair Village is a place where drugs, alcohol, violence, and
surviving to live another day is a way of life. The main focus behind Boona’s music is
reality, not just his reality but also the reality of others. His main passions for making
music are to make a change, inspire someone to reach for his or her dream, and to send
out a message that one can make it no matter what his or her background. His music
sends a positive message into a world that is full of chaos and negativity.

Brandon Gibbs

BRANDON GIBBS is a driving rock band that exceeds the expectation of a rock show by allowing fans to have fun and bee entertained while creating a personal listening experience to each and every person in the audience.

BRANDON GIBBS is also best known for working with the following
•    Front man for “The Special Guests” (2015) featuring Bobby Dall, Rikki Rockett and C.C. DeVille of multi-platinum band POISON
•    Front man for “Devil City Angels” (2014-present) which includes, Rikki Rockett (Poison) Tracii Guns(L A Guns) Rudy Scarzo (Ozzy Osborne, Quiet Riot) signed with Century Media Records
•    Front man for” Cheap Thrill”  (2011-2014) which featured members of Cinderella and Collective Soul and have toured internationally
•    Gibbs Brothers Band (2000-2010)

Bubba Grouch

Bubba Grouch is best described as a diverse Northern New Jersey original "classic style" rock band fusing blues and pop influences with a slight southern twang. The band began when seasoned musicians Jimi
Alan (Guitars) and Eddie Territo (Vocals) met in 2009 while both were members of Northern New Jersey
Hard Rock band called Our Black Friday. They quickly became friends and have been making music
together ever since. After writing and recording more than 20 demos over three years as a side project,
the pair decided the time was right to put some quality players together and bring their music to life.
They played a few select live performances throughout NY, NJ and PA throughout 2012 and early 2013,
but spent most of their time working on their debut CD "Tin Whiskers". which was released on Soul Tree Records July 4, 2013.

Cali Tucker

Cali is the daughter of legendary country music singer LaCosta Tucker and the niece of Tanya Tucker.  Influenced by strong, successful women, Cali took the reins designing her own brand of country music.  

Raised in Nashville, TN, her early years were spent touring with her family, which motivated her to explore her passion for song writing and performing. In 2014, Cali was chosen to participate on season 6 of NBC’s “The Voice”, Team Blake. The opportunity skyrocketed her career, which lead her to headlining at some of the most prestigious venues in Las Vegas, NV.


Tyler Lawson first founded "CracKerman" in 2014 as a three piece punk band in Las Vegas.  His larger than life personality and performances caught the eye of not only Las Vegas locals, but Howard Stern himself.  When they performed on KTNV's Valley View Live!, (how I met him) the performance went viral, capturing more than 5 million video views and landing Lawson on The Howard Stern Show.

Da Narrow

Da Narrow was born Jermaine Gipson Dec. 4, 1979  in Hollywood Ca. Where his family moved to Pasadena Ca. in the 1960s, from Alabama. When he was real young, his father and mother moved his family away from the city, to a place called Perris Ca.

Where he grow up in the Da P, better known as Perris Ca. Being from Southern California he learned good game from the streets, learning how to make in a land of pimps, hustlers, and gang bangers, was not easy. And grow in street knowledge, and musically. His music.Influences came strongly from his family and friends. He got his start on a am radio station 1530, and 88.3 fm, where he team up with his high school buddies, The True Poets, doing shows with Suga Free, Lord G, The Militia, De La So, Bad Azz, Raz Kas, Slick Rick, and many more. Growing up on the westcoast he couldn't help being influenced by The Dogg Pound, RBX, and 2 Pac. 2016 He is dropping his 1st single called "Work", off his new album entitled "D.E.SIRE THROUGH MUSIC". Now he ready to shine his self with his "NEW SINGLE WORK", produced by Da Narrow as well..

Darrin Jones

A 22 year old independent artist from Georgia that has amassed over 100k followers across various social media platforms.


The core philosophy that drives the 5-man team of DESPYRE is the combination of 2 emotions that forms the basis their name, despair & inspire. It’s their effort to encourage, through driving, melodic, and hard hitting music those who have struggled or lost hope and have reached a point where life has lost its spark. They strive to re-ignite that fire…. or as they define DESPYRE, “To have once given up all hope, which in turn motivates or compels the passion to do something profound, prolific and exceptional.”

Diversity Of One

Diversity Of One is a Rock Band hailing from Sacramento Ca. Sacramento has a rich background of producing great musicians that have helped pave the way for other bands to bust onto the national music scene. This also made way for an unique band like Diversity Of One to grow wings and take flight. The amazing thing about this band is not only the name Diversity Of One! It's the members that makes the name Diversity Of One special too with our Drummer Joel "Joeliath" Slusser, Guitarist Mike "Assassin" Silva, Bassist Michael "BMC" Cooper, and Lead Singer Jemell "Jemezzy Ba'be" H. McGuire ...

Drama Scream

DramaScream is a hard rock band from Endicott, NY. As soon as founding members Lauren Balogh and Steve Huff met, they began writing music for their debut album. While writing they began searching for musicians who felt passionately about the music, and had the determination to thrive in an ever changing industry. After several line up changes, in the spring of 2017 they were able to finalize the band with the addition of Greg Grieve on the bass and Justin Arnold on the drums. After countless weekends playing shows including a spot opening for popular 2000’s band “Saliva,” DramaScream released their debut album "Built To Follow." Pulling influences from all aspects of hard rock and metal DramaScream combines in your face screams with melodic vocals. From upbeat to dark and scary riffs, DramaScream lives up to their name. Their high energy live shows are enough to get anyone banging their head.  

Eagle Joe Leatherman

Eagle Joe Leatherman is an independent solo artist from Morganton, NC. EJ grew up on bluegrass and country music but began playing rock-n-roll on drums at age 12. Today, EJ is an established guitarist & singer/songwriter. His main musical styles are in the southern rock & blues rock genres. EJ is known to perform solo acoustic at songwriter events & showcases, as well as, with his bassist and drummer in full band performances. His music is described as high energy, straight-forward rock-n-roll with a touch of southern hospitality. 


Coming Soon... Exclusively Played on Unphiltered Radio

The dynamic duo ( M Dot City and Shaw Monsta ) known as "EOD" (Era Of Dope). Two of hip hop's dopest emcee's on the rise, returning hip hop culture to the dope boy era of the music.

Fiction Syxx

Fiction Syxx began with an idea and the first song written under that name.. "Welcome To My Nightmare".  Yes, there is another song by that name by the great Alice Cooper.  However, this is not a cover, but a statement.  That one song has now become 11 and Fiction Syxx is completed with it's first release, "TALL DARK SECRETS".. 

Frank Palangi

An Indie Positive Rock Recording Artist with a mix of new music releases, music videos, vlogs, live performances, interviews, short film projects + more. His quote "No Plan B" acts as his mission starting from 2006 after graduating high school to pursue his dream. - Be sure to share videos with your friends and thank you for supporting indie! Film tastes include Horror, Sci-Fi, Superheros from the 70's and on up. Music tastes from Hard rock, 80's Metal, 90's rock, Classic rock and Modern rock.


Damon Terrell Moore was born August 7, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. He spent the majority of his childhood learning to succeed in the streets, constantly moving back and forth between the cities of Los Angeles and Compton. He eventually gained the nickname “Lil' DJ Quik” from close friends who joked that he resembled and was possibly related to the also Compton-based Hip Hop artist DJ Quik. Eventually he was able to define a name for himself although, the nickname stuck with him for many years. Greeneyz is the name that came to represent and carry his panache demeanor as a respected man and artist. His passion for music came about early and at the age of 10 he had determined that music was his destiny, exuding confidence and attracting loyalty, inspiring others with his focus and ability to accumulate wealth.

Incognito Theory

Incognito Theory is the Hard Rock Metal project of lead vocalist Dave Incognito (Dying Eyes Of Sloth). Featuring guitarist Jay Prussack (Dying Eyes Of Sloth) on lead guitar and also production work on our recordings,Jon tropp on Drums, Scott Pustilnick ( Ex - Bonehead/Familiar 48) on Bass. Mike LePond (Symphony X, Mike LePond's Silent Assassins) on Bass for recording, writing and live shows when his schedule permits.

Jokers Republic

Joker's Republic are an up-and-coming Ska-Punk power trio from North NJ influenced by the likes of Green Day, Reel Big Fish, and Streetlight Manifesto. Their Debut EP "Anti-Social Media" asks the tough yet important questions in life, like "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" and "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" With Bassist Billy Smolen, Drummer Pat Elwood, and Guitarist/Frontman Austen Gray the band puts on insanely high-energy shows the likes of which you've never seen.

JSapp MadStak

JSapp MadStak was born Jeffrey K. Sapp ll on August 24, 1981 in San Diego, CA. Due to his parents occupation as naval officers, J never had the opportunity to fully settle down in any one area or community. His education spanned over some 15 different schools while constantly trying to adapt to new environments. Sapp’s love for hip-hop started to truly grow at the age of 15 when he moved to Centreville, VA and attended Centreville High School in 1996. Like many other kids his age who were also into hip-hop, Sapp spent a lot of his time between classes freestyle rapping, using garbage lids or lockers to create beats. It was at this time that he began to realize that he had a passion and talent for combining words through rhythm and rhyme. It was 4 years later, however, while attending Broadneck Senior High School in Annapolis, MD that J was dubbed the names “ILL THOTS & ILLEST” by a fellow classmate due to his remarkable story telling ability. Both names were sounded original so he ran with them. ‎Over the years that followed, JSapp MadStak would continue to base his lyrical foundation off of true past experiences rather than just write rhymes with no purpose, hence his love for TRUE hip hop.  Sapp released his debut underground mixtape-album titled “I.M.I.T. Vol.1 *ILLEST MAN ILLEST TRACKS*” in the summer of 2010. Since it was his first true studio project, Sapp found it only right to pay homage to the artist whom he felt had the most influence over him wanting become an artist himself.

Kevin B Klein

Kevin B. Klein – Songwriter, Lead Vocals , Rhythm Guitar,

Bass Guitar

Through his music and live performance, Kevin B Klein is a Rocker with a retro vibe and energy that captures the essence of passion. With his diverse vocal range, this Detroit/Nashville rocker blends

positivity, high energy and soul supported by his lyrical message. He likes to call his music “Old School Rock and Roll” with a modern twist. This familiar sound resonates feelings of nostalgia and is meant to touch the soul .He recorded his debut Album titled “Good Day To Be Alive “ at ESM studio in East Nashville, Tennessee and he is Currently working on his Second Album to be Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2017.

Koas Anubis

Kaos Anubis is a Solo Artist that began rapping in 1997,coming from the dark and grim city of Grand Rapids,MI and having formed the Knocturnal Records label in 1997 which is highly regarded as "The Wicked Shit in Grand Rapids"..

His Style is rapid fire rhyming with an intense delivery.He has shared the Stage with the Biggest Names of the Underground including Insane Clown Posse,Twiztid,Blaze Ya Dead Homie,ABK,Kottonmouth Kings,Mushroomhead,HED Pe,King Gordy,Esham & more.

Kickin Valentina

KICKIN VALENTINA plays loud unapologetic rock n roll. The band is quickly gaining attention while growing a solid fan base across the US and abroad. On August 11,KICKIN VALENTINA released their second full length album “Imaginary Creatures” on Mighty Music, which debuted on 5 different Billboard charts (Heatseeker Albums #16, Heatseekers South Atlantic #5, Independent Albums #30, Hard Rock Album Sales #11, and Rock

Album Sales #42) The band once again chose to work with renowned Producer/Engineer Andy Reilly (Bruce Dickinson, UFO, Asia, The Quireboys) at Muse Productions in Atlanta.


We are Killerweil, a new metal band from Metro Manila, Philippines. We are composed of Weil Ylagan on vocals & bass, Chislon Bolanos on guitars, and Regin Nolasco on drums. We just released our debut single, "Over The Edge"

Orcas or killer whales prey on animals they find in the sea or even over the water. These killers carry the intensity that is the same as the band called KILLERWEIL, a predator in the metal act.

King Julius

King Julius, Co-Founder of the fast-growing movement "Penny And A Dream" was born in the hustle-driven city of Boston, Massachusetts. With inspiration from artists such as Method Man, Big Pun and Jadakiss, it's no surprise he dove deep into the hip-hop lifestyle at a young age. King Julius has taken his hardest struggles and setbacks and morphed it all into opportunity for not only himself, but those around him. His smooth yet rugged flow has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams around the world wide web and has even landed him placement on Boston FM radio stations. Records such as his catchy-tune "Emoji's" or head-banger "Invasion" are some of his most popular pieces of work. Nevertheless, if there's anything King Julius is gaining in the music community, it's social proof and integrity.

King Knawtti

A Dancehall Deejay and a M.C. in the same spot! That's enough too keep any party jammin all night. I will like to thank you for stopping by, and take a listen to a new rendetion of these two MASSIVE STYLES!

Kings County

Originally from New York, KINGS COUNTY performed throughout the northeast at all the major venues
including the top ski resorts in New England. ( Killington, VT/ Mt Snow, VT/ Stowe. VT/ Sugarloaf, ME)
In 2000, hired by Disney World as the house band at Pleasure Island. ( 2000 – 2008)
Along with performances at Disney World, the band has played shows from Maine to New Orleans, and
internationally at the Hard Rock Café in Cancun, Mexico. KINGS COUNTY house band for the Tampa Bay Bucs. (2011 & 2012 season). Bass Player/ Singer Rob Dexter and Guitarist Bill Kania former musicians for Illusionist Criss Angel KINGS COUNTY has performed with Ted Nugent, Styx, , Joan Jett, Cowboy Mouth,, Fuel, and Foreigner.

Kixx Breezy

My name is Hasan Montgomery also know as the Recording Artist Kixx Breezy started Hands On Money Ent In Year 2009 with intentions on starting an Entertainment label that covers All aspect Of Distribution For all Genres Of Music Hands On Money Ent Was Created To Help Underground Artists And Artists That Need a Mainstream Selling Platform To pertain Their Music To so Thats What Hasan Montgomery Made Hands On Money Ent About. Hasan first started the label through the online website YouTube as first channel name Kixx Breezy now Hasan Did not know many things about Distribution, Promotional, and Advertisement So When He Started His Rapping Campaign He Knew Nothing about what he was doing. When Kixx Breezy first started his youtube channel he started with a fan base at only a few people ranging from 20 to 50 views Kixx Breezy then noticed that a channel on youtube can be eligable for payment through youtube when your channel gets a certain amount of views in a certain amount of time and thats when it all started for hasan. 


..KREEP originated with irate vocalist Brett Pirozzi putting together a band that would stand out in the world of metal. Brett’s New York roots and the garbage he was hearing on the radio propelled him to want to write songs that expressed his anger with the world and music of today. Brett began to write songs that were about things happening in life and in the process realized that these issues affected a lot of people in society today. That’s the heart of KREEP: angry guys making angry music for an audience of angry people.

L Dot

#BARLIFE is not just a brand. It is a valuable meaning. It is an acronym that means Be A Real Life Influence For Everyone. #BARLIFE strives to create music with lyrical content and meaning, quality clothing, support local communities and national rehabilitation. The actual meaning of the phrase, however, is based on you have the ability to be ANYTHING you put your mind to. With the right influence, it can change your aspect and thoughts on your future endeavors. It’s a movement. Being able to influence kids, adults, teens, etc to want to strive for greatness. Be A Real Life Influence...For Everyone.


LEATHERJACKS - A CONCEPT THAT BECAME REAL  "The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll"  What could be more Rock And Roll than this? The whole album was made by Mauro Cordeiro at his home studio MauCor Music. 
He recorded and mixed all voices and instruments during a year. Mastering was made by Mauro and eMastered Online Services.  Now Mauro´s found his band mates Arthur Inacio on Bass and Backing Vocals and Dan Werneck on Drums.  Album Art and concept were made by the talented illustrator Milena Buzzinaro.  The album´s about us. Human Beings. Rock songs, Love songs, songs to think, songs to headbang and songs to listen over and over again.  This is the impact of the 80´s Nostalgia and the fresh modern sounds of the 2000s, both merging together into a complete new style that unites Hard Rock to Heavy Metal in an unique way. 

Love N Revenge

Love N Revenge. The Hair Metal spark ignites as LOVE N' REVENGE announce that they have inked a Worldwide deal with Pittsburgh based RFL Records. The Glam, Slam, Thank you Maam that the arena rockers deliver is set to launch a full throttle assault in 2019 with a Brand New Single firing off on April 19th.

Love Sick Radio

LoveSick Radio (LSR) brings a distinctive blend of unapologetic rock guitar coupled with pop melodies and a little hip-hop swagger, creating a fresh sound all their own.
LSR has performed at some of the most buzzed about festivals and events such as NHL All-Star Game with Fall Out Boy and O.A.R.; the Changjiang International Music Festival in China, the Vans Warped Tour, and has shared the stage with the likes of the All-American Rejects, Bon Jovi, Scott Weland of Stone Temple Pilots, Dorothy, Josh Todd & The Conflict, Wayland, Bobaflex, Blue October, Kid Rock, ,Steel Panther , Three Days Grace, Hinder, Twenty One Pilots, Safety Suit, Paramore, Dead Sara and New Found Glory, to name a few. Additionally, between live shows and writing/recording, the band found time to bring their live energy stage show overseas for tours in Japan, South Korea & Singapore.

LV Animal

Aaron Miguel Fonseca 




Started doing Music 3 years ago. During the time I was incarcerated. Prior to doing any Music I fought MMA at a pro Level. I trained out of Sunset Boxing and MMA I have a 4 year old Daughter named Arielle Love Fonseca. MY MUSIC IS FOR THE NEXT Gen Listeners. Vibe with me

M Dot City

M City I was born and raised in South Side MPLS Minnesota. MUSIC was my 1st love, its been apart of my life from the beginning,
My road has been no different from the next man hard work, loss, gain, love, pain, ETC.... But its what we go through that makes us who we are and i wouldnt change a thing, IM NOT A RAPPER IM AN ARTIST i do music i do REAL LIFE how i see it and from my experiences i talk about the darkest parts of my life, cause its in the dark where you find your brightest light....... And im shining! M City...... New Religion Money !

Megan Rüger

Megan began her musical journey at the age of seven performing locally around her rural Wisconsin town.  It didn’t take long until she found her way to the big stage opening for the likes of ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rascal Flatts. As her desire to chase a dream deepened,  she found herself with a one-way ticket to Nashville with no intention on returning - she’s never looked back.

In 2014 Season six of The Voice on NBC came calling and Megan accepted.  Since then she has rocketed to success.  Her days are filled with everything from national anthems at NASCAR events to sharing the stage with her idol, Joan Jett.  Her most recent success is her new studio album, ‘Rockstar’. 

‘Rockstar’ is a seven song EP that truly represents the artistry of Megan and fully embraces her “rock-meets-country” persona.  At the helm on this album are acclaimed producers Jamey Perrenot and Robby Wilson.  

Mother Mary The Band

Born in 1988 and reborn in 2017, Mother Mary first appeared in Southern California in the midst of a spandex eruption and ferociously tried to navigate the prevailing aesthetic, Les Pauls and B3s blazing against a sea of pointy headstocks and Aqua Netted blonde singers. 

Three decades (and one Internet) later, they are a band again. Technology has collapsed the barrier that distance used to pose to group creativity, and these reunited friends — who once worked in cramped quarters by necessity — can test the reach of their musical chemistry and the power of their original ideas from anywhere.

Mother Mary is back making music, working a heavy seam of hypnotic, saturation rock & blues and finding a fresh spark in collective experience and a sound shaped by lives fully lived. This time, it's without an argument about fashion or trend. It's for the sheer joy of creating something timeless.


Awesome guy with so much hip hop knowledge as well as a beast on the mic! Mugzy reached out to our p... odcast and we weren't able to do an interview but he still sent us some audio so we could let our listeners, family, and friends know about him here in Southeast America (Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc.) and put his talent on display because this guy has bars and ..

Of Sound Mynd

Of Sound Mynd started in Oct of 2012 in Westminster Colorado. Since 2012 God has opened many doors and closed just as many, The lessons learned in the last 6 years are moving the success of the OSM project in a direction that has new exciting opportunities. The band is in a regrouping phase while building a catalog of new music. They feel that 2018 is going to allow them to work with a group of talented artists who have the same vision and mission which is to be" Of Sound Mynd. Remember that music is the Tool and the Message is the purpose!!!T.K Smith Hello my name is Travis Smith but I go by TK I moved to Denver Colorado in 1995 from Cedar Rapids Iowa. I have been a vocalist and a musician since I was 6 years old. My musical influence comes from Rock, hip-hop, and soul. Four years ago I felt compelled to start an original project, my whole purpose for this project is to use music as a tool. Developing a creative Ministry that takes the message all over the world is my passion and my dream. Music influences are DC Talk, Grits, Dominic balli, Metallica, Guns N Roses and the majority of 90s alternative rock bands. I have a passion to reach people in different formats and teach people about the "Way, Truth life.!!!


Partisan are a rock band formed in Manchester, UK, early 2013. As the name implies they are passionate about their cause, which is to inject some authentic rock into the limelight, as serious contenders to pick up the music scene with punchy, bold and unflinching rock anthems!

Pistol Beauty

Imagine if the Ramones and Guns N' Roses had a child, and that child was, miraculously, not taken away by the state... Formed in Hollywood, Pistol Beauty quickly bonded over their love of catchy hooks and anthemic choruses.  In 2017, their EP Against the Wall (produced by Kevin Cofield) was released and is available on all major sites. The track "Only A Movie" was featured in the indie horror film Red Eye.  To quote Lisa Burke from the website Metal Assault: "[Pistol Beauty bring] the wild and the attitude...the singer has a dynamic voice with good stage presence and the guitar is technical as well as catchy to bring you a very entertaining show."  Pistol Beauty seek to put their imprint on the music world with a combination of rock, punk, pop, and a bit of sleaze thrown in for good measure.  "We are the band you can drink beer to. Clap your hands, stamp your feet, and sing along. There aren't a lot of bands in America that let you have fun anymore. So, we created one."